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About Us

The inspiration behind Beach-it Mobility

Beach-it Mobility was formed to offer accessibility and personal freedom to people with physical limitations. The need for this service was realized when a recent visit from my father, who depends on his motorized wheelchair was unable to take his chair on the sand.

Motorized wheelchairs require special modifications to transverse the deep powdery sand. We were surprised to learn that there were no providers of motorized beach wheelchairs in one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

Beach-it Mobility will make these beautiful beaches accessible for everyone to enjoy.


Our service offers convenient on-site delivery, and the ease-of-use of standard motorized wheelchairs commonly used in normal, non-beach environments.

The freedom that this product provides is a true joy. The ability to join friends and family on the beaches with little, to no assistance is priceless.

"We believe everyone needs to Beach-it!"

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